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The TracKing is everything you need to start tracking your vehicle, child, and more today! Don't deal with the hassle of an activation fee and enjoy 3 months free of unlimited tracking.

Built-in Magnet- No need to purchase anything extra accessories. This device comes with everything you need. The TracKing comes with a built-in durable magnet for easier placement. 

No Activation Fee- You heard that right. Simply set up your account without having to pay any extra hidden fees. 

3 Months of Service- Enjoy 3 months of service on us! After the 3 months choose how you would like your device to track; 3 seconds - 1 minute and enjoy no contract. 

Free Included App The app is free to download and makes all your tracking needs that much easier! Subscription after the 3 months is the same as LAS54.


Monthly Data Plans (Required and Available Separately)

Location Rate Pricing (monthly)
3-seconds $49.95
5-seconds $44.95
10-seconds $39.95
30 seconds $34.95
1 minute $24.95


Prepaid-Term 3 Second 5 Second 10 Second 30 Second 1 Minute % Off
6 Months $284.72 $256.22 $227.72 $199.22 $142.22 5%
12 Months $539.46 $485.46 $431.46 $377.46 $269.46 10%
24 Months $1018.98 $916.98 $814.98 $754.92 $508.98 15%


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