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P2P and ProIcam APP


  As some of you may have heard or seen the P2P app and ProIcam App (could be some others I’m unaware of) are currently having an issue with their server not being able to connect with the 3G/4G of the phone.

  There have been emails sent out stating that any unit that uses this app is non-functional, and to stop selling the unit. That is entirely not the case. All the features of the units that use P2P/ ProIcam are still functioning. The ONLY function that is not functional is the ability for your customers to live stream their video when they are not in the vicinity of the camera.  With that being said they can still download the app, set their motion detection to record to the MicroSD card, and view the recording on their app when they return back to the vicinity of the camera.

  I have had MANY dealers stop selling these units on their sites. I would advise against it. We have received about 30 calls regarding livestreaming and ALL customers have been very understanding that the sever is down and we are working hard to get it back up so they can remotely livestream.

  These are the tactics that you should be using as well to avoid returns and to continue the sale of these items. Having your staff state that the servers are currently down for remote ONLY, will save you. Especially if you rely on these items for your business sales and growth.

  Currently the items that we have that ALSO allow remote live streaming are the HCMINIWIFCLOCK, Bush Baby Wi-Fi Line (1080P) and Bush Baby Night Vision WIFI. Due to the remote livestreaming not being available (on items NOT mentioned) we are including 128GB MicroSD cards with the 1080P Wi-Fi line (normally comes with a 16GB MicroSD card).

  If a customer is wanting 4K but also wants remote livestreaming, please try to push the Bush Baby Night EYE WIFI line when you can. This will give your customers night vision, the SD card storage they are needing, and the same recording resolution as the 4K line.

  If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m here for you, that’s my sole purpose at MGI.


Rebecca Perry

Vice President

Mini Gadgets Inc.

Phone 770-694-6921

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