MGTracker - GPS Tracker with 2 Year Subscription

UPC: 850040546323
Battery Life: 14 Day Standby / 14 Hours Constant Tracking
Battery Type: Rechargeable 3.7v Li-Ion 2600mAh
Subscription Time: Comes with 2 years of subscription
Transmission: 4G Cellular Coverage
Geofencing: Yes
Speed Alerts: Yes
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As the smallest, most portable wireless GPS tracker on the market, the MGTracker continues to lead the market in reliability and customer satisfaction, plus super fast and reliable 4G service for accurate, continuous location reporting.  So whether you’re using the MGTracker to keep tabs on your company’s expensive equipment or to keep track of your teen driver on her first road trip, you can expect reliable coverage and to-the-minute updates on every movement.  Remove it from its case, and the MGTracker can even be attached to a collar for tracking dogs and other pets.

Additional features that ensure you get the best service possible out of your MGTracker wireless GPS tracker include:

  • Custom settings options like geofences and alerts so you’re notified about what’s most important to you, like when your cargo makes an unexpected stop on the road or your teen driver goes over the speed limit.
  • Panic button allows you, your employee, your child, or whoever is carrying the MGTracker to send an alert in an emergency.
  • Optional magnetic waterproof case protects the MGTracker and ensures your location will keep reporting even when exposed to unexpected weather conditions.
  • Free Smartphone App for Android and iPhone so you can monitor your MGTracker ’s location from ANYWHERE.
  • Rapid Track lets your switch to a faster tracking speed when you need more details about what you’re tracking.
  • 4G cellular service functions anywhere in North America, allowing you to track anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Never worry about losing service when crossing borders in North America again!
  • 60 Second Updates on your tracker's location.


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