Instructional Videos

This page is a work in progress, however we are diligently trying to complete instructional videos for our products. Please refer to the below categories. Click on the links to be taken to the respective instructional video.

If you need to quickly find the correct video for your product SKU, press Ctrl + F (Windows PCs) on your keyboard to open the search dialog box for the page, and then type away!


MGI Wi-Fi Instruction Videos

Compatible SKUs: All BBWiFi products, WiFiAC1080P, Wi-Fi DIY Kit, HCWiFiHook



Compatible SKUs: RDWiFiClock, TravelACWiFi1080P, HCWiFiClockRWS, MCCWiFiWeather, WiFi1080PBox, MCC1080WiFi, HCAIWiFiClock










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