IDPI: Private Investigator Identification Card

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  • Do-It-Yourself Professional Investigator ID Card
  • Easy DIY steps
  • Add photo, type personal info, print, sign and laminate
  • Fits in most standard ID and badge wallets
  • Card Dimensions (Un-laminated): 3 1/4'' x 2 1/4''
  • Includes: Lamination instructions
  • Includes: Un-laminated Card
  • Includes: Laminate
  • Fine print states: "This identification card is issued for the private use of only the person identified above. This card is non-transferable and void if altered. It remains the property of the issuing company/agency and must be returned upon demand."
  • Note: This ID card is considered a secondary form of identification and should be accompanied by licensing or certification documents as well as a primary form of identification (i.e. state driver’s license, government ID, or government-issued passport)


A professional investigator often works in secret, moving around quietly, but at the right moment identifying yourself is important. With the do-it-yourself Professional Investigator ID Kit, these moments can be handled expertly. Provided within the kit is a 3 1/4'' x 2 1/4'' unlaminated card and its required laminate. By adding a photo, some personal information, a signature and then laminating your card you now have a professional way to identify yourself and with its convenient size you can fit it in most standard sized ID and badge wallets.

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