Spy Finder - Hidden Camera Lens Detector

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SKU: SF-103P
UPC: 747989817396
Shipping Dimensions: 16" x 1" x 11
MAP Pricing: Yes
Detecting Distance: Up to 45 feet
Power Supply: 2x 1.5v 1150mAh AAA
Battery Life: 20+ Hours
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Our first instinct when we think of surveillance is the desire to spy on other people, but we don't always consider the idea that someone else might be watching us. Whether you are at home, at work, or even in your own car there might be a surveillance device watching you right now.

By simply looking through the red lens, you can see the transmission light reflect from any hidden camera lens. So next time you have the sneaking suspicion that someone is watching you, let the Spy Finder Pro help you find any hidden camera and get peace of mind.



  • Detects hidden video camera lenses of all types even if they are turned off
    • Wireless, Wired
    • Digital, Analog
    • CCD, CMOS, CCTV, Fisheye
  • Very small lightweight and portable size
  • Detects up to 45 feet away
  • 3 LED Intensity levels


Technical Specs

  • Laser Detecting Range of Camera Lenses: Up to 45 feet away
  • Battery Life: 20+ Hours
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Battery Voltage: 1.5v
  • Battery Capacity: 1150 MAh
  • Battery Type: Non-rechargeable
  • Battery Location: Inside Product
  • Size: 0.6" x 1.5" x 4.5"



  • 1 x SF-103P
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x AAA Batteries


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