Why do I love MGI

Why do I love MGI?


Yesterday I was asked how I truly felt about MGI. I felt I could have went into an hour long phone call explaining all the perks, the wonderful team, and the work ethic each employee shares. Instead I just said “I love it”. Now that the phone call is over I feel like I should go into detail with all our wonderful dealers of why I love it so much.


Why Do I love MGI…

Well it may sound cheesy, but our dealers would be the first reason. I mean that, seriously. I don’t even like using the term “dealer” because they are more like friends and family. When my dealers call, it’s typically so we can chat about life. I can tell you their names, their kids’ names, where they vacationed last, what they typically order, and personal things about them. I love that. I love having so many friends!

My second reason, would have to be the employees. We joke all the time and we care about each other so much. All I want with every employee here is to live in the moment, and make their dreams come true. I know all of them here can do exactly that.

I could probably list 100 reasons but, for my third, it would have to be our leniency. SO many of our dealers praise us for working with them more than any other wholesaler would. Whether this is with a return, an order, a customized product, or an item not moving in their store we always do our best to go above and beyond our dealers’ expectations. I have always wondered why other wholesalers are not the same. These dealers are my friends, I don’t want them to be unhappy. Even if that means us as a wholesaler losing out. I would try to do anything for our dealers.


Some other reasons-

I don’t have to try to be someone I’m not.

I can always be truthful to all my dealers, there is no reason to lie

We don’t bad mouth our competitors. It’s against the rules.

We have snacks and tons of them

We are always donating to charities

We ship same day. We never have to come in overwhelmed from the day’s prior orders

Our manuals are so easy to read even I give tech support!

Next time you are wondering why I am so cheerful keep my blog in mind!


Fidel Balan

01/10/2017 at 06:37:59 PM

I am in the process of seeking a patent for a covert device that will be very helpful to First Responders. I am wondering if your company would be interested in the product. I am looking for an American manufacturer, if possible.


11/09/2017 at 07:08:29 AM

My husband and I had been broken into when we were out of town. Could not believe it. We looked at several online stores for some kind of device we could use. Not being able to talk to a person wasn't what I had in mind. I looked for a place that was local. I found MGI and am so glad I did. Rebecca was extremely helpful, I didn't feel like she rushed us into choosing one item over the other. We purchased an item on Monday morning and couldn't get it to work. We went back to the store the next day and she not only offered to replace it for free, but we upgraded the item. I can not say enough nice things about Rebecca and the staff. They were so helpful and nice to work with. Thank you for all your help and answering our 100 questions. I will recommend to anyone in the area looking for some security service with a helping hand.


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