MGI Celebrates the Expansion of Our In-House Product Lines

MiniGadgets Celebrates the Expansion of Our In-House Product Lines


Marietta, August 17, 2018 – Minigadgets over the past year has expanded our in-house lines over 51.2%: Bush Baby Stealth, Bush Baby Wi-Fi, OmniEye, and our newest line, OmniAudio. In recognizing the need for DIY surveillance, MGI has taken steps by providing top of the line products that are profitable for every Authorized Dealers and affordable their customers.

How did MGI get started?

Minigadgets started in 2001 on a back of a paper napkin- developing a spy pen with China’s help. From there, we increased our import line to over 100+ products, becoming the nation’s leader in the imported DIY surveillance industry. Dealers flocked to MGI for cost-effective spy gadgets for their customers and even gave Minigadgets numerous ideas based on their customers’ demands. In 2010, we took our dealers’ demands and launched our first product line, Bush Baby 2. Our line took everyday household and office products and built high definition hidden cameras into them. With making cost our top priority, our first line took off at a rapid rate.

Making a change for the best

While MGI is an importer, in 2015 we took a substantial step and started focusing more on our USA manufactured, in-house product lines. Our engineers, sales team, technical support, marketers, and officers came together to produce top of the line products from packaging, manuals, Q&C, custom builds, and more. It was then that we brought on 3D printers, laser cutters, and acrylics to innovate our in-house lines. We test through hundreds of prototypes to bring the best, most reliable devices to the industry. Now each product line has a mixture of 3D-printed builds, inserts, 1080P HD cameras, acrylics, and more to make each item unique, user-friendly, and durable

In the Now

Today, Minigadgets falls below a .24 average defect rate on all in-house products. Furthermore, our top of the line engineers are so busy, items are having a hard time staying on the shelf, allowing us to expand our engineering department. Due to our growth, we have taken steps to offer more to our Authorized Dealers and their customers. Not only will you always have a lifetime warranty with a satisfaction guarantee signed off with each product, you will also be provided with everything you need for your item (Micro SD card, SD card reader, manual, and more), plus in-depth instructional videos, hassle-free return support, USA-based technical support, custom builds, promos, marketing targeted specifically for all individual dealers, and an abundance of more incentives!

When speaking to our VP Rebecca Perry, she stressed that the key to her great relationships with the dealers is honesty, durable products, and satisfaction throughout the whole company and their departments.

Here is what some of our dealers have to say about Minigadgets:


“You guys do a wonderful job! Always go the extra mile for us and bend over backward for us and our customers all the time! It’s greatly appreciated!” – Deluxe CCTV

“Love the products and I love the staff. They work with us any way they can. Thanks, Minigadgets!” – Adam Favors (social media post)

“I have done a lot of shopping around with different dealers, and MGI dealers have the best prices for the professional quality. Drake was very helpful despite my many annoying questions. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business in the future.”  – Greg



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