Look at who we have helped this week

Mini Gadgets, over the past few months, has reached out through newsletters and let all of our dealers know that we have decided to donate to a charity of their choice. The feedback we have received has been outstanding and so much love has been shown through the responses we have received.

Not only is Mini Gadgets donating, we are also sponsoring teams, kids, and groups in our local area. We want our dealers to know that we are more than just a wholesaler! We are also here to help charities or groups who couldn’t make it on their own. Our goal is to help as many people and charities as we can, and you guys are helping us achieve that goal every day!


Take a look at who we donated to this week!



We love giving pets a home! Over 1000 homeless animals come into the APRA each year. Some of these animals are injured, neglected, or sick. With your support we have helped the APRA provide the needs for these animals.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Take a look at who we have sponsored this week!


Do you want to see the cutest cowboys ever? Take a look at Levi and Dawson. They are our perfect rodeo pair for bull and sheep riding! Thank you West Georgia Junior Rodeo for letting us Sponsor these two cuties in their awesome adventure!



Please keep in mind that we are donating weekly. If you have a Charity in mind we will automatically make a donation just by giving us your choice. Grow your sells month by month and we will give 50% of your growth to the Charity of your choice as well!



Thank you,




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