Check out what we are doing this year!

What’s new with MGI in 2016?


· We are working to build interchangeable batteries for our Bush Baby battery powered items. This means your customers will not have to remove the item from its location or have down time when purchasing an extra battery pack.

· We are in the process of making all of our Bush Baby items with external memory.

· Grow your sales month by month an get free spy gifts!

· More Bush Baby WIFI items to come.

· We now have three Technical Support members on our team to better assist you.

· Tech support cards are provided in each package providing contact information for consumer assistance.

· New product packaging

· Free 2GB on specific items when ordered through the site

· Free 4GB or 8GB sd cards included with specific items

· Faster RMA turn around


Make sure to keep a look out on our new product line coming soon!


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